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That damned flag again!

I had a blogger type blog, but for some reason deleted it (perhaps got fed up with widgets not working.) Anyway, as I had backed it up, I thought I’d post here my earlier musings.

Originally posted 31/8/2008

flagHeart-warming sight to see the Olympic athletes posed on the steps of the Jumbo at Heathrow.

But I knew it would happen. I just bloody knew it. At the top of the steps the large Union flag… upside down. Why, in view of the world, do so many people in the UK not know the orientation of their own flag?

On so many occasions, especially when there are hordes of kids and families at special events, all waving their flags, every last bloody one is upside-down. What is it with that damned flag and the unknowing populace? Why can’t they get it right?

And why is it upside-down? The hoist (the edge of the flag nearest the flagpole/mast and held by the stewardess) is on the left in the pic. The hoist dictates orientation and it is upside-down. The diagonal red cross of St. Patrick appears to have been rotated slightly clockwise against its white background. Turn the flag over and it will appear to be rotated slightly anti-clockwise – the correct position in relation to the hoist. Does it matter? That’s up to you.


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